Complete certain conditions to earn Pearl rewards.

Name: Condition: 10 Pearls 20 Pearls 30 Pearls 40 Pearls 50 Pearls
Reptile Slayer Kill Reptiles 100.00K
Rags to Riches Collect Gold 100.00Av
Go the Distance Reach Distance 15.00K
Geneaology Collect DNA 50.00K
Metamorphosis Own Mutations 36
Amethyst Supremacy Collect Amethyst Evolutions 26
Emerald Supremacy Collect Emerald Evolutions 28
Garnet Supremacy Collect Garnet Evolutions 30
Reborn Perform Ecdysis 50
Boss Slayer Kill Bosses 100.00K
Frantic Tapper Total Times Tapped 10.00M
Follow the Light Collect Butterflies 50.00K
All Hail the Queen Learn Queen Skills 100.00K
Lucky Fortune Kill Golden Reptiles 10.00K
Heavy Impact Deal Critical Hits 50.00M

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