Pearls are the premium currency of the game. They can be used in a number of ways to help benifit your crabs and game progress and can be recieved in several ways.

Using pearlsEdit

Pearls can be used in the shop to buy items, spent for Super Edysis, and you can use them for attacking queen crabs and the king crab instantly instead of waiting an hour.

How to get pearlsEdit

You can get pearls by:

  • Tapping the golden butterfly for 1 pearl and also watching an ad which happens sometimes when you tap the butterfly for 5 pearls.
  • Getting Treasure Butterfly in the Gene tree so that when blue Blue butterflys come, they can drop pearls.
  • Doing artifact missions for about 5 pearls each artifact piece.
  • Getting them in the menu when you complete achievemnts.